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Jacob Swett

Jacob Swett is the Executive Director of Blueprint Biosecurity.

Jacob Swett is a doctoral candidate at the University of Oxford, a Senior Research Scientist at Lockheed Martin Space, and Co-Founder of altLabs, a research non-profit focused on the development and advancement of technologies for biosecurity. He is a former Emerging Leader in Biosecurity Fellow and member of the Breakthrough Starshot Advisory Board. His research focuses on biosurveillance, molecular diagnostics, nanofabrication, and biosecurity.

Much of his work aims to develop new technologies and systems for pathogen biosurveillance and more capable biosensors with a focus on nanotechnology, single-molecule, and SynBio enabled devices. He is driven to connect technology emerging in academic and industrial labs to implementation in real-world applications, with an emphasis on technologies with the potential to reduce risks of biological threats whether natural, deliberate, or accidental. Prior to Oxford he worked full-time at Lockheed Martin Space in Palo Alto, CA on nanotechnology and materials science technology for space and biomedical applications. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics, a Bachelor of Arts in German, and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, with minors in Astronomy and Environmental Physics technology.

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