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Ishan Sharma

Ishan Sharma is a Fellow at the Federation of American Scientists and Policy Analyst at the Day One Project where he oversees the development, curation, technical assistance and implementation of key science and technology policies with a focus on foreign affairs, critical and emerging technologies, and lab-to-market innovation.

He directed the FAS Special Project on Emerging Technologies and International Security, which devised cohesive domestic and foreign policy recommendations to counter the emergence of digital authoritarianism. His work has been featured in BBC, the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Lawfare's Cyberlaw Podcast, and at TEDx. Ishan sits on the board of two nonprofits that aim to empower youth through mentorship and media literacy, and is one of 24 Senior John Lewis Fellows investigating the future of democracy, oppression, and human rights in the 21st century. He holds a B.S. from Cornell University and has studied jurisprudence and international human rights law at the University of Oxford.

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Piloting and Evaluating NSF Science Lottery Grants: A Roadmap to Improving Research Funding Efficiencies and Proposal Diversity
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February 2nd 2022