Our target audience is current or recent students who have completed at least one year of a PhD program in economics or related fields. Acceptance, however, is not guaranteed. 

To register, we ask for:

  1. A very short statement (not a recommendation letter) from an academic advisor or administrator on his/her official letterhead certifying that you are regularly enrolled in a PhD program, or proof of completion of a PhD, as applicable; and
  2. A one-page summary of a paper broadly in the innovation field which you particularly liked together with some brief remarks on why the paper inspired you to want to learn more about the economics of ideas, science, and innovation. Such a paper does not have to be listed in this syllabus, should be relatively recent, and should not include any of the course instructors as an author.

This form needs to be submitted by January 9th, 2024.

Acceptance decisions will be announced by late January.

Please note: The following application portal will ask you to sign into a Google account. If you do not have a Google account, please contact courses@ifp.org and we will provide you an alternative way to submit your materials.